South America

South America is a diverse region made up of 13 different countries. From culinary specialties, cultural and culinary heritage, traditions, geography and climate, each country offers a uniqueness that will delight all visitors.
Between breathtaking treks and centuries-old cities hidden deep in the jungle, you must visit South America at least once in your life!
One of the best experiences is certainly to visit the Amazon rainforest with its more than 1000 species of mammals or to dive into the underwater waters of the Galapagos to observe an impressive number of marine species.
South America is also home to celebrations such as the famous Rio de Janeiro carnival, which is a colourful festival, the Inti Raymi festival which takes place at one of the Inca sites near Cusco or the Festival of the Dead in Mexico City.

To choose this region is also to walk in the footsteps of the Incas by discovering the famous temple of “Machu Picchu” as well as the mountainous landscapes of Chile Torres del Paine.Finally, it is said that the best food in the world can be found in South America, especially if you like seafood!

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