Situated between Europe and Asia, Turkey has a vast territory full of wonderful and unusual landscapes. Indeed, with its total area of 783,562 km2, Turkey is a veritable treasure trove. This explains why it is one of the perfect destinations for getting off the beaten track. 

1. Pamukkale, The Cotton Castle :

Located in Izmir, Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in English. Listed by UNESCO, this incredible place is 100% natural. Pamukkale is actually a hill covered with limestone from the thermal springs of the region. This water flow has formed small travertines that look like cotton clouds. It is possible to bathe one’s feet only in the artificial pools provided for this purpose.


2. Salda Gölü, The Lack of Salda : 

In the same region, there is the Salda Lake (or Turkish Maldives). This lake is located in the province of Burdur, and is the place where tourists pass through on their way to Pamukkale. With its 44 km2 and 184m depth, Salda Lake is the second deepest lake in Turkey. The lake is known for its cleanliness and its soft waters rich in clay, soda and magnesium which have beneficial properties for the skin. In 1989, the lake was classified as a 1st degree protected site. It is an important area for bird conservation and is located in a pine and fir forest where hares, partridges, wild boars and wild ducks live.

3. Cappadocia, Cappadocia :

Cappadocia is a beautiful region in the heart of Anatolia. Its history tells us that volcanoes have sculpted this incredible landscape of ochre earth through the phenomenon of rock erosion. Many human civilizations have followed and left behind them sumptuous treasures. This region is full of beautiful discoveries such as its valleys, underground cities, villages, chimneys, strange habitats embedded in the rocks, rock columns, etc. Today, Cappadocia is one of the major tourist attractions in Turkey.


4. Agri dag, The Mount Ararat :

At 5165 metres, Mount Ararat is the highest peak in Turkey. Located in the east of the country, Mount Ararat is actually a snow-covered volcano. There are many mountain activities available. If you want to reach the summit, you will need a permit from the authorities.